Anyone who’s ever handled the lever on a slot machine can remember the erratic feeling that comes with the moment before the pull. Slots is a legitimately fun hobby that plays out and pays out real hard and fast. It’s exhilarating and in not so many words, a true delight.

Those big, bright, and blaring machines weren’t always here; casinos were all about dice and cards. History has shown us that games of chance decided wars and victories… And of course, add a little fun to our day.

Who do you think would have also taken a spin (or two, or more) in the casino? A good old offline game of slots is a way to relax and find oneself on a thrilling ride at the edge of your chair. These famous historical figures might have thought about kicking back, pulling the lever, and watching it go, go, go!


Leonardo da Vinci, Painter and Inventor

Da Vinci was a master artist and scientist, and the blaring and fascinating machine meant for leisure and fun could have caught his eye. He’s one of the greatest inventors, if not the greatest. Brilliant people are the ones who realize life is about fun. Maybe he would be the type to play an occasional spin, but the dazzling slot machines was sure to impress him!
Leonardo da Vinci LACMA 19.4.22
Da Vinci was all about living the life, after all. “Whatever – the soup is getting cold,” are his famous last written words right at the end of a mathematical proof. How is that for a laid-back guy who knows when to rest from work?    


Giacomo Casanova, Writer and Adventurer

Man, if someone’s occupation or job title is “adventurer,” you know that person loved having the time of his life. In his era, the lifestyles of the rich and famous were about sophisticated parties, and that included games of chance in the parlor. Casanova had a circle of friends living the good life, defining high class culture at that time. Aside from being an adventurer, his other occupation was, well, entertaining the ladies. That’s a hobby everyone knows and accepts as one of the riskiest; and that’s not a joke. The adrenaline and action just might be similar to a game of slot. All is fair in love and war – and slots. But a lot of it is luck, and Casanova had lots of that!    

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John Montague, 4th Earl of Sandwich

Yes, as the myth insists, this guy is responsible for the sandwich. This is allegedly because of his hobby of spending quite some time at the cards table. Why not bring a snack to one of these games? Snacking and gaming go hand in hand. When these two enjoyable activities get together, you’re in for a good time. John Montague’s got the right idea. It’s easy, and it’s quick. The multitasking Earl wanted to earn his payouts with his food on the go.  

Slots would’ve been a great match for him since he’d have a the sandwich in one hand and the lever in another. Or he might have ended up inventing another iconic staple food, just for the slot.


Pierre de Fermat and Blaise Pascal, Mathematicians

Now, hold on – two mathematicians, enjoying a game of slot? That sounds highly unlikely, but you might be surprised that “numbers people” would probably find the world of chance, cash, and casinos more interesting than you think. As the fathers of the modern probability theory, they probably had their eyes on games of chance more closely than one would imagine. If you’re doing your research and studying games of chance, the slot machine must be a super interesting game to analyze. Fermat and Pascal would have studied all those combinations – all while winning real money in the process. All for the sake science, of course!


Commodus, 18th Emperor of the Roman Empire

Roman emperors loved their spectacles and games, and Emperor Commodus was one of them. He was said to set up lavish gaming experiences in his own home. Luxury and money do come hand-in-hand, and slot machines would have fit his lifestyle pretty well.

Arènes de Nîmes

The Ancient Roman gods are said to have decided their realms through a simple game of dice. That tradition of loving chance games lived on in the rule of Commodus. Slots would’ve kept them up all night spinning & partying!

No one is exempted from the thrill of winning a jackpot. These historical figures might have been fascinated with exciting games of chance and the beauty of these machines. Players can take up arms (and by that, meaning their lucky charms) and their courage and go down in history, spininng.

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