As physical sales of games are increasingly dwindling, the booming gaming industry sees a growing dependency on reliable digital distribution. Purchase of media has shifted sizably from physical games and PC game software to online distribution, and games take large part in that. Casino games and applications are offered to users on destination sites. Users are then encouraged to download and install them.


It is therefore of utmost importance to give the user a sense of safety, making the download process a positive, smooth, seamless experience, regardless of where in the world they are downloading from. Although some may say doing something bad is good for you like on Ialwaysbelievedinfutures,  it is probably better to play it safe. Platforms of digital distribution, such as Upload, offer exactly that, with the added benefit of localization, which means that users can choose to have the installation process be conducted in their own language.


Furthermore, digital distribution platforms can offer games developers and publishers the ability to monetize their games, even when offering them for free. This is done by using a branded, customized installer giving premium offers to the users who are in the process of downloading. The download is accelerated, thanks to a high performance installation engine, and prevents such frustrating events as aborted downloads and incomplete processes.


Many in the gaming industry feel helpless as they watch their market being pirated. Highly anticipated games are released, and then put onto torrent sites momentarily. One method of combating this is using higher DRM protection in the games, although that has its downside, and can cause frustration when legal copies sometimes cannot be played due to DRM restrictions.


Another method is raising the price of gambling games, thus making them less available to the average user. By using monetization solutions like Upload, publishers can keep their software and games accessible to all, while still earning money for their work.


Upload Analytics produce a dashboard for the publishers, giving them easy metrics to track exactly what the users like in their installer, what design they most respond to and what does not receive such great interaction. Then, they can tweak the installer’s design and change its look and feel to make it more compatible to the users’ needs.


Game providers spend much time in optimizing gameplay, aesthetics and ease of use. This is all fine and well, but they should also spend time making the user’s very first click on the installer as impactful. This is the actual beginning of their interaction, and they should strive to make it as easy and stress-free as possible.