Me and my husband got married right out of high school which meant we had no money. For the first part of our marriage, we had trouble keeping a roof over our heads, let alone taking that honeymoon we always dreamed of. Ever since I was a little girl I had wanted to visit London because that is where my grandmother had lived. I love the history of that city and wanted nothing more than to go there with the love of my life. When we got married, my husband felt bad he could not provide me with my dream, but promised me we would go one day.

All through our marriage I saved part of our income to go to London. Finally the day came when we had more than enough to go and have a great time. After months of planning and planning some more the day had come when we were leaving. We left our home in beautiful California and stopped in Las Vegas for our layover. Since we had several hours before we had to leave we took a taxi to the strip and decided to do a bit of gambling.

Prime Slots – pinterest. There were tons of people there in the casino we walked into. There were attendants, tourists, actors and flashy dressed waitresses everywhere. The slot machines were enormous, some going all the way up the wall. With all the lights and sounds enticing us to come closer, we did not know where to go to first. My husband picked one near the entrance and I picked one of the progressive machines near the back. I looked at the scrolling numbers to see the jackpot was all the way up to $85,000.

I pulled out a twenty dollar bill, content that it was all I was going to spend. I played on the machine for a long while, loosing some and winning some. It was one of the flaming sevens games and I was getting so close to hitting it big. I worked the machine all the way up to $100 when I started betting the maximum amount. Four dollars every time I hit the button dropped me lower and lower. I had worked it back down to thirty dollars and I was about to cash out when I heard loud sirens. I looked around wondering where the sound was coming from until I realized the sirens were for me. I won the jackpot!My husband came running from out of nowhere and we collected our money right there. I will never forget how a slot machine gave me my upgraded honeymoon.