Frustrating and depressing, working at a casino is not a fun job.It almost sent me over the edge each time I saw someone win a big jackpot and leave with that big smile on their face.During times where I am living paycheck to paycheck and I feel I am being spread very thin, I get a little angry at the winners.My job mainly consisted of cleaning up other people’s messes and watching to catch any funny business going on out on the main floor. You can try to play slots for free without deposit on:

It is funny how quickly your life can change.All on the same night, I watched other people win then I won and then I quit my job watching people win.I remember that night well because it was a fairly ordinary night.I hated my life as I pushed in people’s seats, cleaned cigarette butts and picked up all the glass beer bottles.Other than the regulars that always came into the casino, everything was slow.While I was doing my cleaning duties, I watched one woman sitting at the same machine all night. Big Slot Machine Jackpot Win.

I found it astonishing that a woman like that could afford to put in twenty after twenty dollar bills all night long!I tried my best to keep my eyes on her and throughout the night I counted five hundred dollars that she put into the machine.In all of those hours, about six to be exact, she had not even hit one big hit.I could not even believe it; not one hit.It amused me and made the hours pass by, but I forgot all about it as I finished out my night.
I hurriedly tried to do all the rest of my jobs so I could get home, I cleaned myself up in the locker room and then said goodbye to my co-workers.

As I made my way out of the building, I saw from across the floor the old woman who had been there for hours finally get up and walk out in a huff.For a second I thought there would be people lined up trying to get on that particular machine, but as I rounded the corner I did not see anyone there.I jammed my hand deep into my pocket and pulled out a wrinkled up ten dollar bill.I really could not afford to lose my last ten dollars, but the temptation of that big win on a machine that had not paid out was more than I could handle.I put my money in and heard all the wheels clicking as it took my money.The screen burst with lights and signs and my heart began to beat.Even though the max bet was almost three dollars, I had to bet that otherwise I would not get the jackpot.I hit the max button twice and got nothing.But the third time must have been the charm because the slot machine came to life shouting “you won the $20,000!”