Sometimes working at the casino is the only option you have when you live out in the middle of nowhere.In a radius of over fifty miles the only thing I could find was a bar tending gig.I enjoy living a semi-comfortable life and the bar made me enough money to life the type of life I wanted to live.After a year of doing really well my boss promoted me to head bar tender only a few days before my life changed.Head bar tender meant I would be getting a lot more money not only in salary, but in tips because I would be working on busier nights.

Now that I was promoted, I felt relief that the money would be enough to pay my bills.My first night as head bar tender was on Saturday night.That night happened to be one of the busiest nights I had ever worked as all my regular came in as well as tourists and people I had never seen before.I was so busy that I barely even noticed I had been working full tilt for over three hours as everyone crowded the bar and the waitress were bringing in orders.

PrimeSlots youtube page. I was thankful when it was time for my smoke break and I could turn the crowd of people over to my assistant.I smoked an entire cigarette and I had seen no one out there in the cold, but as I was about to go in, a man came up to me and asked for a light.We made some small talk as he used my lighter to light his smoke.I bid him a good night and then I left.  Expensive Slot Machines Maintenance.

We were busy for the rest of the night and before I knew it my assistant had left and I only had an hour before I could go home.After she left, there was just me and a few stragglers left.I left the bar area, came back and saw a new tip left in my tip jar.

It was not the first time I had gotten a tip like that and I knew by the shape of the ticket it came from a pay out on a slot machine.I was curious to see how much it was and was shocked to see it was for 16,234 dollars!When I saw that I nearly let the ticket drop from my hand.I shut down the bar early and went to ask my boss to review the video to see if we caught who left the big tip; it was the man I talked to on my break.There was some red tape I had to jump through, but in the end I got to keep the tip.I will forever be grateful to the man, even though I’ll never understand why he left his winnings.