I have never been the traditional type of girl, and when it came to my wedding, I wanted things to be unique to us. My husband was the one who suggested that we go to Las Vegas, Nevada for a small ceremony and then a wonderful honeymoon. A destination wedding like that meant most of our friends and family could not come, but in the end, we decided that was the best option to create a week we would never forget. And we will never forget it because our lives changed in more ways than one that week.

PrimeSlots twitter page. We were married on a Saturday night in a little white chapel. Elvis Presley was the officiant and my father walked me down the isle. It was funny as well as sweet. After the ceremony we had a great dinner and then proceeded to get very drunk and gamble. Most of the night was a blur because I had had way too much champagne and too many margaritas. We went to at least five different casinos and strip clubs but I found myself safe in my bed the next morning, so that was a good thing. I wished I had not drank so much because I could barely remember anything after the ceremony.

My new husband was not in the bed beside me, but he left a note that said, “we are downstairs, come down when you are ready.”

I got dressed and took some tylenol for my raging headache and headed downstairs. I figured they would be in the breakfast diner in the hotel since they were all coffee drinkers. Sure enough, everyone was sitting around the large round table laughing and eating.

Expensive Slot Machines Maintenance. I walked over to the table and everyone whistled, shouted and clapped for my entrance. I was very embarassed as they teased me about being so drunk last night. I apologized because I had no idea what got into me last night. Then my mother made a comment about how I was paying for this morning’s meal because of my big win I had last night.

I had no clue what she was talking about because I did not remember much of anything last night. They all looked a little shocked that I did not remember what happened last night even though I got wasted. I must have looked as pale as a sheet because my mother took my hand and said, “honey, you won $382,000 last night on the slots.”I thought they were messing with me, but it turns out that it was true, because my husband showed me the note that said how much money I won last night.