Scientists, and especially scientists such as myself, are not known for their voracious appetites for gambling.Up until the day I won, I had never gambled a day in my life.My parents were very conservative and they taught me gambling was evil and for losers.I thought this was true because I never gambled and I considered my life to be very happy.I had to re-evaluate my entire way of thinking on the day I won because a gift as blessed as that just could not be wrong.

Addictive Elements of Scratch Cards. I won while I was still in graduate school for my advanced degree in disease prevention.Needless to say, I was a poor student.All my income came from the research group and everything was going great until the investors decided they were done with us.When we asked them to tell us why they just shrugged their shoulders and said there was no more money.It broke my heart because we were so close, but I was scared for my own well being.I am certain that we would have found what we were looking for if we had just a few more months, but the investors seemed to not care about how close we were.To everyone working at the facility, it all smelled very fishy.

There was only a short time left before the investors shut down our lab for good.I felt so bad that morning it was like a dark cloud was hanging above me.All I wanted was a cup of java, but when I went to pay the cashier asked me if I would be interested in a scratch ticket.I stared at her pretty white, freckled skin and curly red hair for a long time as if I didn’t hear her.Usually I would have said no, but I didn’t say no that day.I only had a few dollars left so I decided to take a chance spend it all.I pleaded to her to give me a lucky card as I handed her my last bill.The one that she gave me was green and kind of looked like a bingo card.

Before I even dared to start scratching I had to examine the directions several times because I had no idea how to play the game.After I had a firm handle on the game, I went ahead and scratched all the winning numbers.First I just went ahead and scratched all the numbers I needed to win and then scratched the matching numbers.It took me forever to make sense of what was on my cards and that is when I realized I won the jackpot of 2 million!My reaction was strange in that I just laughed so hard I thought I would pee my pants.

I didn’t go into work that day, but got everything straightened out right away.The taxes took a big bite out of my winnings and I set aside some money for myself, but the rest went to the lab.I think we might cure cancer thanks to me.