Now that I am not in my twenties, I enjoy going to the bingo hall rather than a nightclub. The bingo hall is not just for old people, but middle aged people who want to win cash fast. I have won several times over the past couple years that I have been going. I won a five hundred dollars, three hundred and fifty dollars and another hundred dollars. You can really win money going to bingo, but that isn’t how I won my big payday.

I went to bingo on a Saturday with my mother and step father, just like any other week, but I decided to buy a few scratch cards too. I bought the cherries and the lucky seven cards and settled into my seat. I did not pay any attention to the cards at first but got my bingo cards and dobbers ready. They started to call out the numbers and I sighed in frustration when several of my cards were duds. Then the intermission came and I got some nachos, a soda and my cards to stratch. First I scratched the cherries and got nothing. I started to get a little angry because I spent all this money and was not winning anything!Scratch Cards Risks

Then I found the lucky seven scratch card under all my other cards and started to scratch it. I had to match three different colored sevens that were shown on the card. I had to get a gold, blue and green seven to win the fifty thousand dollar prize. I scratched the first one, a white seven, then I scratch the next one which was a red seven. I felt so frustrated that I wanted to throw it away and just forget it, but then I thought I might as well finish it. Then I scratched a green seven and started to feel hope and then a gold seven. I stopped, my hand hesitated over the card because I already won two hundred with the second seven. Joy lept up in me and I eagerly scratched another red seven, purple seven and then finally a blue seven!I wanted to stand up and scream with joy that I had just won fifty thousand dollars, but I kept it inside because I did not want anyone to take notice.

I quietly told my parents that I won, but we still stayed to finish our bingo games not saying another word about it until we left the hall. I did not win money with the bingo game.