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There is an existence of professional gamblers that show us, if you have a proper strategy, you can make a lot of money without even doing an honest day’s work. Our blog mixes success stores, articles about strategy, and entertaining stories from people who have played pokies or have bought scratch cards and managed to win big prizes! We even mention video slots, the newest breed of online gaming as on Unigamesity. They all agree, and want you to know, it IS possible, but you need a mixture of playing right, with strategy and intensity. After you brush up on your skills you can even try and play on our favorite slots at Online Slots Casino Games – 110 FREE Spins.

And, if you’ve managed to win consider yourself lucky but also learn how not to destroy your luck. So many who win big jackpots end up ruining their lives because their sudden wealth is so overwhelming that they can’t cope and blow away their winnings. From the stories we’ve posted here, you will learn a thing or two about how success can sometimes lead to unfortunate events, but we want you to avoid this and save your big bucks!

Enjoy the posts we’ve crafted for you !

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Gaming , Gambling & Distribution Platforms

Distributing your gaming can be quite a challenge which is often highly dependent on analytics and data. Even casino gaming is less based on luck, rather on skill slots and data as mentioned on Fame Magazine.


Anyone who’s ever handled the lever on a slot machine can remember the erratic feeling that comes with the moment before the pull. Slots is a legitimately fun hobby that plays out and pays out real hard and fast. It’s exhilarating and in not so many words, a true delight.

Those big, bright, and blaring machines weren’t always here; casinos were all about dice and cards. History has shown us that games of chance decided wars and victories…


My scratch card technique wins me money constantly without having a job

My lucky win came purely by accident. Whether it was luck or coincidence, I’ll never be sure, but that day changed my life forever. I would have never thought I would be the type of person to wind up a multi-milionaire. I did not play the lotto even, but I won it never the less. I will never forget the day that I picked up a piece of trash on the street and went home changed.


Getting cash from a slot machine was by no means in my strategy to get rich fast

Frustrating and depressing, working at a casino is not a fun job.It almost sent me over the edge each time I saw someone win a big jackpot and leave with that big smile on their face.During times where I am living paycheck to paycheck and I feel I am being spread very thin, I get a little angry at the winners.My job mainly consisted of cleaning up other people’s messes and watching to catch any funny business going on out on the main floor.